UDL Principles for Equitable & Inclusive Instructional Content (conference presentation, 2019)

This page is for a proposed conference presentation at The Collective, on  Delivering equitable & inclusive instructional content using UDL principles. 

Program Description:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) not only makes content accessible, but an equitable and inclusive user experience for everyone. These simple guidelines benefit all learners and support different learning styles, including ESL learners and sensory impairments. Come learn how easy it is to make instructional content inclusive to all in PDF, Word, PPT, and HTML, and walk-away with the skills (and tip-sheets) to do it at home.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how UDL makes your instruction and content more inclusive, and what UDL is.
  • Learn how to optimize everyday documents such as HTML, PDF, Word, PPT, and Alt-text for Visuals, with UDL principles.
  • Outline next steps to implement UDL and/or share UDL info at your library.
  • Connect with others who are interested and motivated to implement UDL principles, to continue sharing and learning together after the conference.


Google Doc for attendee’s to outline Best Practices for Creating Accessible Documents, By Document Type.


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