RELAX: Mindfulness & Stress Management Techniques for Busy Librarians (conference presentation, 2019)

RELAX: Mindfulness & Stress Management Techniques for Busy Librarians.
Conference Presentation for: The Collective 2019

Presenters: Liz Chenevey & Jacqueline L. Frank

Short description

Need an excuse to drink tea, huff essential oils, or just straight up relax?

Join us to learn mindfulness & stress management techniques to help you find balance. You’ll have time to reflect, encounter new tools, and brainstorm strategies together. Finally, explore ways to weave these practices into your work and craft a personal plan (did they say craft?!).

Learning Outcomes:

    • Apply mindfulness & stress management practices in their own self-care routines
    • Identify mindfulness practices for use in programs and/or instruction
    • Examine the mindfulness trend in the light of social justice and cultural appropriation
    • Value trauma informed practices
    • Take home a bank of strategies & ideas for different situations to employ in rough times.
    • Strategise a personal plan (crafting optional) for incorporating these methods at work/home

 Tools & Tips generated by participants:

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