EXJM Project Toolkit: Employee Experience Journey Mapping


Hannah McKelvey

Electronic Resources & Discovery Services Librarian

Montana State University Library  


Jacqueline Frank

Learning & Research Services department

Montana State University Library



Taking a creative spin on the traditional UX technique of journey mapping, we focused on employees as internal users and captured the onboarding experience of two new hires over their first six months at Montana State University Library.

Not only did this project spread awareness about UX concepts within our own library, but it also shows how journey mapping can be used in innovative ways to identify pain points and areas of practical improvement in any organization, including ways to enhance the onboarding experience.

Here we share our toolkit which is intended for anyone wanting to re-create a similar project in their own organization, as well as to spread knowledge beyond our library, and support others who are interested in advancing user experience research in their own organizations.

Employee Experience Journey Mapping (EXJM) ToolKit:

EXJM TOOLKIT – Table of Contents

EXJM TOOLKIT – Project Introduction & Outline

EXJM TOOLKIT – Timeline & Scheduling Tracker

EXJM TOOLKIT – New Employee First Week Agenda Template

EXJM TOOLKIT – Written Reflection Template

EXJM TOOLKIT – Employee Experience Journey Maps

EXJM TOOLKIT – Project Report Template


Our EXJM Project ToolKit was created in 2017.

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