Digital Literacy Video Series

This series of instructional videos focuses on Digital Literacy topics, and is meant to prepare students and researchers for scholarship in the digital age. The skills learned are useful for anyone and can be applied in other contexts.

I invite you to use these videos! In your courses, for personal interest, share them with others on social medial and elsewhere…please just let me know that they are being used, and send me your feedback if you have any!

The videos include:

  • Discovering Library Resources with Google Scholar & Across the Web (5:52)
  • CatSearch Basics (7:24) (specific to MSU Library)
  • Open Access (5:34)
  • Data Management (4:37)
  • Online Privacy (10:38)
  • Life After [Graduation]/[A Library Subscription] (5:22)


The concepts are general in nature and applicable to students at any school, as well as the public. While some videos show a few specific examples from the Montana State University Library, the skills learned are useful for anyone and can be applied in other contexts (except for maybe the second video, which specifically focuses on searching with CatSearch, MSU Library’s discovery layer which utilizes the platform Primo).

Librarians at universities are working hard to embed information literacy concepts throughout the entire curriculum, which means that our traditional instructional methods must also change. The short videos offer a different, and more sustainable way of delivering information literacy instruction, and can be used individually, as a series, and can be marketed toward educators who want to incorporate any of these topics into their courses. The short video format allows educators to link to the content within  online course management systems, watch in class, or assign as work outside of the classroom, reaching students at many different times and places without having to be delivering the instruction in person. This offers a more sustainable approach to library instruction. 

This project was completed as a practicum course, during my Masters Degree Program in Library and Information Science from the University of Kentucky. If interested, you can read my final reflection paper on the practicum experience here.

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